Training on Friction Stir Welding Technique

Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd undertakes technical training related with friction stir welding both inside and outside the Company which   incorporates:

Mechanism of friction stir welded connection;

Formulation, implementation and weld process control of friction stir welding technique plan ;

Structural designing, structural analysis and heat analysis of stir tools and welding products;

Hybrid welding of argon arc welding of friction stir welding, and friction stir brazing;

Multipoint friction stir welding, multiple stirring tool, friction stir weld with variable breath;

Quality quality of friction stir welding;

Double-shaft friction stir welding technological services;

Static shaft shoulder friction stir welding services;

High-melting-point friction stir technological services.

Furthermore, our company has been customising training services for consumers to meet the needs of customers.