Company Profile

Founded in July, 2011, Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is affiliated to No. 8 Research Institute of CASC and is the holding subsidiary of Shanghai Space Equipment Manufacturing factory co.,LTD. By sticking to the development policy, the Company has been actively advancing stir friction welding technologies, high-end equipment, intelligent production line and other fields and is a first-class leading company in professional making of stir friction welding devices and processing and manufacturing of special welded products.

The Company mainly undertakes research and development of devices integrating machinery, electricity and liquid, processing and technology service of various welding products  by relying on profound experience on mechanical development technology of ‘Special Welding Center of Science and Technology 

Industry of 'National Corporation Technology Center’, it mainly carries out research, development, application and marketing extension of stir friction welding technique and stirring friction weld spot welding technique. In the meantime, the Company has seized many first places in China by researching multiple series of high-end devices including 3D printing device, special-type robots and so on and accompanying processing, manufacturing and technological research of special welding products through independent innovation and its clients cover key national development fields including space flight and aviation, new energy, power electronics, rail transit, automobile, shipping and so forth.

After several years of advancement, the Company has established a good brand image in the industry, enjoyed a certain marketing reputation and set up an international first-class operation management system. For now, it has passed international ISO9001 quality management system certification and certification for qualified supplier in CNNC. It is also a membership organ in China Welding Association and has been awarded multiple rewards for several times. Its stir welding series devices are awarded Silver metal in the 17th China International Industry Fair. By sticking to the concept of ‘rooting in aviation, extending marketplace, leading by technology and going after perfection, the Company has been constantly reinforcing its talent team and with its mature operation and management system and by depending on aviation priority techniques, it is emboldened to make innovation and provide more completed technological backup and solutions  for clients. By seeking for survival with quality, winning quality with good quality and servicing the market, it is to construct a new platform for development of applied industry of aviation technology.