Shipping Field

It is mainly applied to stir friction welding and post-welding disposal of wide-width long-type aluminum alloy product. The equipment aggregates transmission line and automatic assembly that satisfies production functions of flow line products covering material loading, transferring, clamping, detection, welding and post-welding fixed-length saw cutting and so on, which dramatically brings down production costs of users and improves production efficiency.

The equipment aggregates such functions as laser, constant pressure/constant displacement control and other functions, which can realize length and width of maximum welded products respectively at 17500 mm and 3500 mm. The equipment is provided with single-face and double-face full automatic switching function that satisfies maximum welding thickness for single face at 16 mm, maximum welding thickness of double face at 25 mm and maximum welding speed at 3000 mm/min.




Typical Equipment Case:Bridge-type stir friction production line