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  • Product Name: Small-scale static gantry friction stir welding equipment

Small-scale gantry static friction stir welding equipment can achieve stable and reliable welding of 1D and 2D curve , widely used in light alloy products processing of various industries .


Technical parameter丨Model HT-JM10ⅹ15/2 HT-JM16ⅹ15/2 HT-JM25ⅹ15/2
Weld type 1D、2D 1D、2D 1D、2D
Welding material Aluminum alloy、copper alloy Aluminum alloy、copper alloy Aluminum alloy、copper alloy
Welding thickness 10mm 16mm 25mm
Working platform dimension 1000mm×1500mm 1000mm×1500mm 1000mm×1500mm
Gantry pass width >1400mm >1400mm >1400mm
Gantry pass height 500 mm /700 mm 500 mm /700 mm 500 mm /700 mm

Longitudinal stroke of working platform (X-axis)

1500 mm

Horizontal stroke of slide carriage(Y-axis)

1000 mm

Vertical stroke of cutter head ram(Z-axis)

500 mm

Spindle rotation around Z-axis(C-axis)

N×360° N×360°
Welding tilt angle(B-axis) ±5°,Manual adjustment
Control system Siemens 828D/802D sl/840D sl(Optional),Siemens motor
Optional function Video surveilance/mist cooling

Note: The aboved welding thicknesses are alloy thicknesses.

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