Product Detail


Fully automatic stir friction welding line for long and straight profiles

Product Detail

The double-sided friction stir welding line for long and straight aluminum alloy profiles exported to European companies realizes fully automated operation of welding automatic tracing, feeding, clamping, discharging and sawing processes, which is suitable for welding long and straight aluminum alloy welds of wide long profiles in rail transportation, ships and other fields.


Equipment Features

1. The whole set of production line covers an area of about 2000 square meters, with welding thickness of 1.2mm~16mm, maximum welding profile length of 18000mm and maximum splicing width of panel up to 3500mm.

2. Equipped with laser welding seam tracking, welding pressure display, automatic water cooling of stirring tools, etc., it can realize the full automation of processing processes such as feeding, clamping, pre-welding seam inspection, stirring friction welding, discharging, sawing and discharging of long and straight aluminum profiles, without manual intervention.

3、Special human-machine interface, equipped with product process database, users only need to input welding parameters of different products in the interface window to realize fully automatic welding of products.


Typical Applications

1、Main application areas: rail transportation.

2、Welding of long straight welding seam of wide long profile aluminum alloy.