Product Detail


Fully automated stir friction welding line for aluminum alloy automobile wheels

Product Detail

The unmanned aluminum alloy wheel hub automatic stir friction welding production line exported to Europe integrates the functions of 2D code scanning, robot automatic loading and unloading, benchmark automatic identification and positioning, wheel disc and spoke automatic clamping, constant pressure welding, etc. It is suitable for automotive aluminum alloy wheel hub and barrel section ring seam welding.


Equipment Features

1、The whole production line adopts unmanned work, welding thickness 1.2mm~10mm, welding aluminum alloy wheel size taking into account 17in-22in, maximum welding speed up to 2.5m/min, maximum welding spindle speed up to 6000r/min.

2、With the functions of welding pressure display, welding seam starting point positioning, hub 2D code reading, online evaluation of welding quality, etc., it can realize the full automation of the processing process of feeding, clamping, welding starting point positioning, stir friction welding, finished product/scrap discharge of automotive aluminum alloy wheels, without manual intervention.

3、Special human-machine interface, equipped with product process database, the user only needs to input the welding parameters of different products in the interface window to realize the fully automatic welding of products.