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AEE successfully attend “2017 auto lightweight metal material application development forum”


On March 27, 2017, "2017 (5th) auto lightweight metal material application development forum" was held in Chengdu, the conference nameddialysis market new changes , reveal new industrial upgrading, the future of "aluminium", starting from the "heart" as the theme, invited many professionals of application industry of new energy automobile lightweight and light metal industry, discussed the application requirements and future trend of lightweight terminal enterprise.

In recent years, the continuous rapid growth and scale extend of China’s automobile market, make China's car market remarkably improved its international status, besides, China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and the "made in China 2025" requirements predict China's new energy automobile sales to reach 20% of the total automobile market demand by 2020, about 5 million vehicles. At the same time, according to the requirements of domestic policies, new energy automobile is to achieve the goal of substantially weight loss of car body through using of lightweight materials in 2017, the state will further promote lightweight vehicles usage of new energy vehicles of aluminum alloy, aluminum body passenger vehicles, aluminum alloy oil tank vehicles, aluminum semi-trailer, etc.

Along with lightweight accelerating, constant iterations of car body technology, automotive lightweight technology is already an inevitable choice for challenge by using new material, new structure and new technology.


Under the background of lightweight pilot in the "new era" of the future, Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou)Co.,ltd as the domestic authority of the friction stir welding equipment manufacturers was invited to attend the forum, and the chief designer Zhang Huade gave the presentation entitled "FSW equipment application status and development direction in automobile lightweight production line” , showed the outstanding progress of company development at this stage on the friction stir welding technology and auto lightweight direction when AEE as the vanguard of the industrialization of transformation, the report content covered the friction stir welding proposal and production line case for car wheel hub, car battery tray, water-cooled radiator products, intensively reflected AEE’s marketization work results in the field of new energy automotive industry .The company Independently developed automatic welding production line with international standard also won the the audiences and experts’ s consistent high praise, greatly facilitated the communication and discussion with our automobile terminal enterprises, raw material processing enterprises and relevant experts.

Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou)Co.,ltd will continue to strengthen the exchanges and communication with the industry to master the latest news and information, continue to provide high quality FSW technology and service, make contributes for better and faster development of automobile lightweight, untiringly fight for China’s manufacturing industry from big country to strong country.


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