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AEE show the latest C-type FSW Equipment on 2017 Beijing·Essen Welding&Cutting Fair



2017 Beijing·Essen Welding & Cutting Fair was held grandly at Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 27-30 in 2017. Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as: AEE) as the domestic first-level FSW technology & equipment solutions expert with the latest C-type FSW equipment shined on the fair, multi-directional and multi-angle showed audience the outstanding FSW technology in welding field, provided powerful driving force for promoting intelligent equipment application , to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading in welding field under the Made in China 2025” program of action.


The fair is the 30th year of successful holding of Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting exhibition. As one of the worlds two major professional welding exhibition, it has become a platform for regular exchange of professionals in the global welding and cutting field .The exhibition covers machinery manufacturing, pressure containers, automobile manufacturing, railway locomotives, oil pipelines, ships, aerospace and other fields, attracted a total of 24396 people from all over the world.


2017 is the deepen year from market development move towards internationalization road for AEE. Essen fair witnessed AEEs growing and development step by step, from 9 square meters of exhibition area increased to 90 square meters today. The fair was led by marketing department strongly supported by company leadership, and coordinated under technical development and engineering department, ultimately successfully completed the equipment assembling & debugging and show demonstration after several months’ preliminary planning and preparation. Taking full advantage of multi-directional promotion of internet,magazine, brochure, AEE took this opportunity to communicate and negotiate with the audience, further discuss FSW technology. Under AEEs elaborate and adequate preparation, AEE has greatly enhanced the influence at home and abroad in FSW equipment market.



        The displayed C-type FSW equipment adopts lightweight structure design, greatly decreased the total weight of machine while ensure good rigidity, the integration structural design of lathe bed can realize the whole machine delivery transportation without teardown, making it widely applied in new energy automobile, electronic radiator, university research and other fields. The high-level welding demonstration attracted a large number of domestic and foreign experts and audience to stop to take picture and consult.


          As the implementation of national “one belt one road” strategy, the development of China manufacturing industry is  full of vigour and vitality, which has brought us important strategy opportunity for us to advance international business cooperation. As an important participant and pedestrian for advancing integration development, AEE will further improve the level of intelligent equipment technology, innovation-driven, focusing on customers needs, to provide customer with high-end equipment system integration and technical services, and fight for the goal to become the world’s most influential FSW equipment supplier.


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