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1D Heavy-load Large-thickness Friction stir welding Equipment Delivered Successfully


Recently, after a few months of continuous technical research, Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. successfully developed one-dimensional heavy-load friction stir welding equipment with large thickness and delivered to the customer, realizing double-sided 190mmsingle-sided 100mm aluminum alloy extra-thickness plate welding.




New design Square-ram structure form

The new locking mechanism of the bed guide rail is added to strengthen the overall head structure while ensuring the overall rigidity. The new design of the square ram structure form meets the rigidity by strengthening the strength of the whole structure through force bearing of four directions.


New design Angle adjustment mechanism

The angle adjustment mechanism is redesigned to ensure sufficient positioning capability, and at the same time, an angle fixing device is added to the head to enhance the stability of the angle and effectively prevent changing the angle.


New design Water-mist cooling system

To ensure a long time friction stir welding, the new design of water-mist cooling system is to achieve water + gas combined cooling to ensure adequate cooling effect when welding. At the same time, the equipment spindle is also equipped with a cooling system to make the device continuously work more than 24 hours.


The upset force of the thick-plate welding equipment is up to 20T, which can achieve the maximum welding length of 5m. The dynamic gantry structure is used to make lifting and turning-over products convenient. The equipment is suitable for welding of a large area of thick aluminum platecopper products, it’s widely used and further promoted in the radar panel, sleeper beam of bullet train, pull pillow, armored vehicles and other thick-plate welding fields, making new contributions for the development of China's military-civilian integration.



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