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Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Gains Silver Award on the first "China Dual-Use Technology Innovation & Application Contest"


On December 8, 2016, the first "China dual-use technology innovation & application contest" finals was held in Taixing City successfully, the friction stir welding industrialization project declared by Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd stands out from 750 projects. The project has been recognized unanimously by evaluation experts and professional audiences, and successfully awarded the silver medal with honors. The award marks that the friction stir welding technology has been widely recognized by the community.



         China  dual-use technology innovation & application contest is a national public service tournament that organized jointly by the Ministry of Industry and InformationNational  Science and Industry Bureau the National Federation of Industry and Commerce .The theme of the competition is "cooperation and innovation". The aim is to create a good atmosphere for the whole society to take part in the innovation and stimulate the enthusiasm of all kinds of innovative subjects, to discover excellent dual technology, to mobilize enrich resources to promote the implementation of "Made in China 2025" together, to promote industry from big to strong, and promote the depth development.


       The contest is organized and classified into “ technological innovation" and "industrialization”, it’s implemented from "preliminary round""semi-final"  to "final" three stages.After more than two months careful preparation and planning, AEE company advanced towards to the finals all the way through the preliminary round and semi-final, and entered the final 122 projects in fierce competition for gold and silver bronze medal and winners. After two days of two rounds tense on-site reply and scoring, the declared friction stir welding industrialization project ranked fourth and gained silver award, won the favor and recognition of the appraisal experts and professional audiences based on their leading friction stir welding technology in the industry and the good development prospect in the civil market.



       AEE cannot win the award without the guidance and help of superior leaders and it’s not separated from the efforts of the whole company. AEE will be encouraged to continue to strengthen the building of innovation team and the construction of transformation platform, promote the conversion and applications of friction stir welding technology products, improve economic efficiency, effort to create innovative and progressive dual-use high-end equipment incubator Platform, and make new contributions for the economic construction and development.

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