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The Domestic First FSW Production Line Successfully delivered to Sweden SAPA


After two and a half months of installationcommissioning and one month of stable operation, the whole production line of friction stir welding that exported to Sweden by Aerospace Engineering Equipment Suzhou Co.,Ltd ( called “AEE” for short) was successfully delivered to and accepted by Sweden SAPA on June 29, 2016. During the installation and commissioning process, AEE was fully affirmed and highly praised by Sweden SAPA based on their excellent equipment performancewelding quality and good service. This production line makes AEE become the domestic first manufacturer that exported friction stir welding production line to foreign country, also once again proved the company's strong technical research and development strength and good after-sales service capability.




The whole production line covers an area of about 2000 square meters, welding thickness of 1.2mm ~ 16mm, the largest length of welding profile is 18500mm, the maximum splicing width of panel up to 3500mm, the overall index is the domestic first. It is equipped with the functions of laser tracking, welding pressure display, and automatic water cooling of pin tools to realize fully automatic feedingclampingwelding inspection before welding friction stir weldingout-feedingsawing and cuttingdischarging of long and straight aluminum profiles, without human intervention. The production line also developed a special man-machine interface, equipped with product technology database, the user only needs to enter the welding parameters of different products in the interface window, it can achieve full automation of product welding.



The production line was awarded six patents. In addition to these leading patented technologies, the AEE project team follows closely the customer's needs from the beginning of the project and provides customer with highly customized solutions during the entire design research and development to production delivery process through intensive communications and internal collaboration. The efficiency and professional spirit reflected by the team left the customer a deep impression.



With the successful single-sided welding of 3.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 16mm profiles, the double-sided welding of 25mm plates and the double-sided welding of 8 + 5mm, 6.5 + 6.5mm hollow profiles during the pilot run , the general manager of the Sweden SAPA Finspang plant and the technical director of SAPA Group in Sweden were pleased to shake hands with AEE General Manager Yang Guoshun and thanked the company for their efforts, they hoped the further cooperation for the new developed products in the further.


The successful delivery of FSW production line further expands the market visibility and influence of AEE on international friction stir welding market, it is a strong proof of Chinese manufacturing for aerospace quality. With the implementation of development planning such as  "Made in China 2025" and others, AEE will further improve the level of intelligent equipment and production efficiency, and continuously strengthen technological innovation, pay attention to technical reserves, fast and efficiently provide the best solution for welding manufacturing to create their own quality brands.


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