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Aerospace Engineering Equipment(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd 《3.5m circumferential FSW equipment》obtain assertion of the first set magnitude equipment and key component from Jiangsu province


3.5m circumferential Friction stir welding equipmentresearched and developed independently by Aerospace Engineering EquipmentSuzhouCo.,Ltd is obtained new product and new technology evaluation from Jiangsu province Economic and Information Commission, the evaluation commission reach consensus agreement “3.5m circumferential FSW equipment passes provincial level new product prototype evaluation. The specialists evaluate that the technological equipment is advanced, with complete production condition, thoughtful detection means, reasonable configuration to meet manufacture requirement of mass production. The equipment is firmly identified as “2016 Jiangsu province the first set magnitude equipment in the key field of equipment manufacturer industry” by Jiangsu economic and information commission.


        The dimension of the complete 3.5m FSW equipment (including fence) is 40000×10000×8500the weight is approximate 680 tons(rough weight), which is used for circumferential friction stir welding of Ф3500mm aluminum cylinder and end cover. The maximum thickness of cylinder is 16mm, the length of single cylinder is 500mm-2500mmthe longest welded product is 12000mm. The equipment creatively come up with integration machining of millingassembling and welding to achieve clamping motionface millingsupport positioning and real-time quality detection function of tank cylinder and tank base of large-scale launch vehicle at the same work station, the general feature and technical index can achieve international advanced level. Traditional fusion welding is replaced by NC friction stir welding, the domestic initiated electric servo precision withdraw non key-hole welding technology is used,  integrated with telescoping fast clampinghigh-precision NC millinghigh quality NC FSW technology to achieve precision clamping of propellant tank structure multi-section cylinderprecision milling of welding bevelbutt-joining assembly of multi-section cylinderhigh-quality NC friction stir welding of cylinder longitudinal and circumferential seam, the manufacturing efficiency has breakthrough improvement compared with distributed station machiningassembly and fusion welding butt-joining procedure, efficiently eliminate resource consumption and product damaged risk by mistake resulted from station rotation. 


       As a new-style material joining technology, 3.5m circumferential FSW equipment is a high efficiency and environmental friendly welding technology, which is used for realizing friction stir welding requirement of circumferential general joining of launch vehicle propellant tank. Through research and development of circumferential FSW technology of typical aluminum alloy structures, some bottleneck problems such as self -development of key technology equipment assembly are broken through, a large-scale structural circumferential technology system that is high efficiencyhigh qualityenvironmental friendly is built up, which greatly improve the general welding and manufacturing level of Chinese Aerospace industry. The successful development of this equipment not only breaks the technological monopoly and block for high-end FSW equipment by foreign companies filling up the inland blank satisfy high-end equipment needs in Aerospace industry, but also improves manufacturing efficiency and quality reliability of products, it takes good effect for transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry and green manufacturing, provides technological achievement transformation and industrialization promotion for power electronicsrail transitshipbuilding field and so on.


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