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Speak with “QUALITY”, FSW Equipment from AEE unveiled at Essen fair and interviewed by CCTV


On June 14-17 in 2016, the 21st Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair was held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (AEE) as an authority friction stir weldingfriction stir spot welding equipment manufacturer, carrying a two-dimensional FSW equipment to appear on exhibition, presenting all-level of quality and technical superiority of domestic outstanding friction stir welding equipment manufacturer in the field of welding, providing a strong impetus for the welding industry to promote intelligent equipment and achieve industrial transformation and upgrading under the program of action "Made in China 2025”.

As one of the two professional welding exhibitions in the world, Essen exhibition enjoys high reputation in welding industry, which has become an exchange platform of professionals regularly in the field of global welding and cutting. The total area of this Essen Exhibition is 92700, booth area 38268, total 1008 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions, including 154 international exhibitors, the exhibited products cover machinery, pressure vessels, automobile manufacturing, railroad locomotives, oil pipelines, shipbuilding, aerospace and other fields, attracted 22453 spectators from 60 countries and regions.





The exhibition led by sales and marketing department of company, cooperated by technical quality Department and manufacturing department, from the previous planning preparations to the later information follow-up and feedback; from production and commissioning of the presented equipment to the transportation and setting up on exhibition site; from multi-angle supporting publicity of networkmagazines, brochures to answering questions of sales staff during the exhibition. From top to bottom, under the leadership of general manager Yang Guoshun, the whole company took full advantage of this exhibition opportunity to communicate and negotiate with domestic and foreign customers who come to visit, in-depth discuss friction stir welding technology together. With our elaborate, adequate preparation, greatly expanded the company’s market influence at home and abroad in friction stir welding equipment market.






The company booth takes simple modern white as the base, the iconic Spaceflight blue light vision, but the most attraction in the field is the ongoing demonstration of two-dimensional friction stir welding equipment. This device has multi-functions, including constant pressure control, laser tracking, welding with compression, video surveillance, product mist cooling and many other features that make it widely used in aerospace, new energy,  power electronics, rail transportation, automotive, shipbuilding and other fields. The welding demonstration attracted many domestic and foreign experts, visitors to stop to take pictures and consult, in which, CCTV’s one documentary program "quality" which themed focus on growing businesses to interview the general manager Guoshun Yang, Mr.Yang mainly focus on how to ensure company product quality, create excellent intelligence equipment enterprise and other questions to give answers.





In addition, to explore the development direction of welding technology, a profound understanding of science and technology issues exist in the field of welding, to promote innovation and development of the welding field, the company also was invited to attend the "innovation and development of welding science and technology seminar" and "IFWT2016 welding international Forum - green • intelligent welding ", the forum as Essen synchronous matched forum, for the first time gathered in China welding industry four senior academician: academician of Chinese Academy of Science Pan Jiluan, Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu Binshi, Guan Qiao, Lin Shangyang respectively gave a report . Experts, researchers and scholars, teachers and students of universities and the welding industry at home and abroad in total of more than 200 people attended the forum activities, focus on new opportunities and challenges as well as application of welding basic research and development directions brought from "Made in China 2025", communication with participants of AEE to discuss the direction of friction stir welding technology applications and development prospects in various fields. Through this forum, makes AEE company have a more accurate grasp for future technological innovation and inter-industry deepen cooperation model.




        Along with the implementation of "Made in China 2025" and other development planning, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing has become the two major development strategies of China's manufacturing industry. Improve the welding manufacturing efficiency, reduce the energy consumption of welding, achieve green welding manufacturing has become an important part of the development of welding manufacturing field. As one of the important participants and practitioners of "Made in China 2025" , Aerospace Engineering Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. will further enhance the company's intelligence level of equipment and production efficiency, and continuously strengthen technological innovation, pay more attention to technical reserves, fast and efficiently provide the best solutions for welding manufacturing,  further integrate of aerospace-quality technology and the civilian market, promote the transition of "wisdom" manufacturing equipment industry.

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