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Friction stir welding Equipment create new height in new energy automotive industry



   After the first two-dimensional FSW equipment delivery to customer by Aerospace engineering equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, within 270days, the FSW equipment has been full-load running continuous in 24 hours per day, caught up to the production capacity that the customer lagged before, contributed to the new energy automobile of terminal automotive group to be listed successfully. As the end customer require to expand production capacity continuously, therefore, Aerospace engineering equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd successfully delivered a two-dimensional FSW equipment in April 9, 2016 once again, successfully demonstrated our equipment manufacturing and technical strength。


    The key technical difficulties of this project is to achieve the welding of cast aluminum and pure aluminum, after six months of efforts of our technical staff, ultimately realizing 100 percent qualified welding products of cast aluminum and pure aluminum, the products have been listed as exempted products by terminal automobile manufacturer.



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