Aerospace Engineering Field

The custom-tailored series complete facilities for clients in aviation field are mainly used in friction stir welding of structural products with major diameter and thin-walled cylinder including horizontal longitudinal suture, gantry five-axis equipment and circumferential weld butting equipments. Horizontal equipment can realize longitudinal seam welding of tube section; Gantry equipment can realize longitudinal suture, circular seam and flat bottom flange space curve of hemisphere or ellipsoid tank bottom and other welding without keyhole; circumferential weld butting equipment is the country’s first large-diameter annular stir welding equipment that can realize circular seam weld without keyhole of conduit head and accompany turn milling, assembly and welding at the same station.

This type of equipment aggregates such functions as laser lock-on, constant pressure/ constant displacement control and other functions. The welding thickness for a single welding face is 16mm and the diameter ranges from 2250 mm to 4000 mm.

The picture is the first full friction stir welding storage tank in China




Typical equipments:Circumferential weld friction stir welding equipment