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As radar technology is constantly improving, high packing density and high calorific power in fixed transmitter enables heat flux of modules heighten and traditional forced air cooling falls short of satisfying requirements for heat dissipation. Significant advantages such as high heat dissipation efficiency, low temperature gradient, well-distributed heat distribution and compact structure of liquid cooling cold drawing guarantee that it is by far a dominating way for solid-state power amplifying modules.

Liquid cooling cold drawing is mainly realized by laying out snakelike cooling circulation in the element box. To ensure dissipation effects, it should be guaranteed that cooling liquid flow below or near the power tube. This type of liquid cooling runner is complicated in shape and usually adopts welding fabrication and forms sealed runner in the element box and between cover plates. Solid-state power amplifying module is the core part of radar transmitter. Leakage potentials in the welding line would directly affect reliability of transmitter, so power amplifying module liquid cooling cold drawing runner welding technique is one of the keys and priorities of research and development of power amplifying modules.




Typical Equipment Case:Small-sized static gantry type stir friction welding equipment